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The thing is, Alex isn’t an idiot. He’s become fairly good at reading people over the years, and even if he wasn’t good at it, it didn’t take a genius to understand that something was wrong with Taylor. She seemed… off, somehow. And even though they’re discussing his apparent poor life choices when it comes to girlfriends, she’s still his best friend and he still cares about her well being.

                “Tay, honey, are you alright?
                 You seem a little… different.
                 Upset, somehow.”

The care in his voice is evident. He’s never mistreated her — or anyone, really — he just gets frustrated when people don’t understand him, or when he can’t get the metaphors and strings of words in his head to actually make sense when they fall out of his mouth. He’s short tempered and easily frustrated, but he’s the best friend you could ever have and he cares. Probably a little too much.


                                   ❛ honestly, i’m fine. you don’t have to worry about me. ❜

she manages a smile, forcing one corner of her lips to tilt upwards for a split second before letting it fall flat again. too much effort that she’s hardly willing to exert at this point. and what would come out of her telling him anyway? nothing, that was what. other than complicating everything, their friends with benefits arrangement, the easy way their friendship ran, no feelings or chaos to deal with. it was simply easier this way, she wasn’t risking it, she decided.

                                   ❛ —- does this mean we can’t sleep with each other anymore? for the time being until you two inevitably fuck up again, i mean. ❜

"I knew his world moved too fast, and burned too bright. But I just thought, how can the devil be pulling you towards someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? Maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. I think that the worst part of it all wasn’t losing him, it was losing me.



       ❝ —erm. no… ❞ 

but look at the kitten. oh my god, is it purring? he has to find out. he has to know for sure. 

      ❝ …yeah. ❞


       ❝ …he didn’t mean that. ❞ 

her brows furrow, cooing at the kitten that she is, in fact, the cutest.

      ❝ not sure she’ll take a shine to ya’ but you can try. ❞

she lifts the little darling creature from her lap and helps her into his arms.

if you type in capslock 2 me I will automatically assume we’re friends



        “And that’s totally fine.
         It’s good that you don’t
         flirt with every living thing
         on this planet like most
         guys do. But what I’m
         getting from this is — and you
         can totally correct me if
         I’m wrong — that what
         you just did was an attempt
         to flirt with me.”

        “I find that kinda’ pathetic
         if you ask me. But um,
         yeah. Yeah, I guess so.”



      but are you happy? honestly? are you happy with me around? 


      i wouldn’t say i’m happy, all the fucking time… but uh — I guess we have our moments, don’t we? 



With each year that passed, One Direction were
gaining more and more control over their careers.
He could start saying no to their ideas and get
away with it. However, when it came to publicity
stunts, no didn’t really register with them. So while
he was content being single and happy, now he
was forced to pretend to date his ex.

The thing about exes is that they are your ex for
a reason. Harry was content with never speaking
to her again. A hi and hello weren’t a problem, but
it was everything more than that. So while he
wanted to enjoy his stay before they were moving
on to another city, he couldn’t. Instead, he was
getting dressed and then making his way to some
fine dining restaurant.

Harry got there first and was already seated in a
circle booth towards the back. His hair was long
and down, flicking against the back of his neck.
He was on his phone and nearly forgot where he
was until there was a slim blonde sliding in the
booth directly across from him. His subtle smile
fell flat and his phone was being tucked into his
pocket. Immediately after, he remembered that he
had to fake it because someone might see them.
He gave a fake smile, “Hello, Taylor.”


It must have been close to a year or so since
the last Taylor came face to face with her ex 
and she honestly wasn’t sure what to expect 
of this sort of date they were forced to go on. 
But the moment she laid her eyes on the taller 
boy who was comfortably settled in a booth 
across the room, she could feel the air in the 
room immediately stiffen and she walked over 
to where he was seated as slowly as possible, 
wanting to take her time to fully comprehend 
the fact that this was reality and not some 
dream she could snap out of it at any moment.

Once she reached their table and there was
nowhere else for her to go but take her seat
beside him, she didn’t seem to notice the smile
upon his features fade as she came to view.
However, it didn’t take a genius to see that the
apparent grin that he plastered on a second
later was as genuine as the knock-off Gucci
bag she used to carry around in high school.
Breathing a small sigh, she returned his smile
with as much effort as she could muster before
speaking. “Harry, hey…— how are you?”

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Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat

Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde (from the Mockingjay Part 1 OST)